COVID 19 | Policy update

Updated 5.1.2020


I wanted to reach out to give everyone an update and share some answers that no doubt come at a difficult time when you are faced with confusing decisions about your wedding.

Firstly I want to say that I hope everyone and their family is healthy and well. This is always priority - no matter the situation . It is certainly a difficult time for health, wedding planning and small businesses. As a business owner affected by COVID-19, I’ve had to make some difficult decisions about how to best help my clients while ensuring the overall health of the business. Below I’ve outlined how we will be able to move together to make sure any rescheduled events transition smoothly. I can’t overstate how my priority is, and always has been, my clients and their families, which in many cases I've serviced for many years.  I remain focused on making sure we get through this tough time together in a way that will work for all parties.

Considering Moving Your Date?

If you are currently considering moving your event date, please reach out to right away so that we can help ensure a smooth transition.

3 scheduling scenarios


If a 2020 wedding moves to a peak 2021 date, I essentially lose any revenue opportunity for that date. To help put it this in perspective, if all 2020 weddings rescheduled to 2021, the business would forfeit all profits for that entire year putting the viability of the business in question. We have already moved 1/3 of our weddings at a significant loss and are expecting more as the uncertainty of this situation looms on.  

To better handle the situation, I wanted to outline what the scheduling scenarios are and how they are being processed. I realize every vendor is different and may have different policies around current scheduling, but every business is run differently.

Scenario #1  Rescheduling your event for 2020 

If you decide to reschedule your event for a 2020 date that our team is available, we will waive the rescheduling fee ($500) and the only change is filling out a Rescheduling Contract.

Scenario #2 Rescheduling your event for Off-Peak** 2021 

If you decide to reschedule your event for an off-peak 2021 date that our team is available, the only charge will be the rescheduling fee ($500) and the only change is filling out a Rescheduling Contract.

Scenario #3 Rescheduling your event for Peak* 2021 

If you decide to reschedule your event for a peak 2021 date that our team is available, there will be a rescheduling fee of ($500) as well as a charge for the package price increase from 2020 to 2021 (price increase is a common occurrence in our business).

I never like charging clients more money after the fact and it's never been a policy with Elan Cinema to do so, but given the extreme circumstances I want to offer some perspective and provide some clarity on these new policies and charges.


*Peak: Any Saturdays (Season)

**Off-Peak: Friday, Sunday or Off-Season

Off-Season: Jan 2-April 1




  • You must reach out before locking in a reschedule date to get our availability. This should be an ongoing conversation with all your vendors to ensure the smoothest transition.  Click HERE to let us know.
  • Once you have a new date that we've vetted and are booked with your venue, we will sign a Rescheduling Contract transferring your existing contract to the new date (see COVID 19 Scheduling Policy for details).
  • Should you choose a date without checking on our availability first, we will do our best to fill in with a team member. If this isn’t possible, the contract will have to cancel forfeiting existing retainer.

We continue to be extremely thankful for your patience and understanding during these times. Please know that we will do everything within our capacity to work with you if you need to transition your date. All of you have been understanding during this process and for that we are truly grateful.  As a business we have already sustained significant losses because of this pandemic but for those that have made the choice to postpone and not cancel, we appreciate you beyond words.